21 de Diciembre, 2005

Cuidado con lo mails.

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Seguramente tienes un email, pues yo tengo de a monton, que mejor no te cuento por que tengo seis, como les decia seguramente tiene un mail, pues cuidado con lo que resibes ya que yo he resibido varios, que se me acen una extorcion, ya que  los que me enviaron les tenia que responder con el numero de cuenta bancaria mia para que segun me dieran dinero y ambos estan en ingles y mi correo los marcaba como espam. Uno de ellos iva haci:

Please Reply
Dear Camacho,

Good day and Compliments,

I am a female Student of University of Nigeria, Lagos, (25) and
my Second Degree course. I like people who Could be Caring, loving and
home oriented above all
sincere And honest to Be entrusted with this long-term relationship.
Again I like fraternity Of helpers`` that have the tenacity and will
power to Not back-off or give Up until ``you succeed ``especially in a
case of Where one is being Oppressed due to gender disparity. I would
like to build up a solid foundation with that person that will be in
anals of my life and that of my family.

Well, my father died and left I and my family
behind. He was a king, which our town citizens titled him over sixteen
years before his death. I was a Princess to him and the first born
that could take charge of his wealth after his death.

As the most Senior more than eight years older than my younger once,
well because of the difficulties Our Mother had before she started
giving birth again infact my Brother was considered a miraculous child.
More over couple with the fact that my mother is not too literate
increased my responsibility in the family I'm now seen
as the engine that runs the family.

As a matter of fact,my dad deposited the sum of US $ 7 Million dollars
This money was annually paid into my late fathers account before he
transfered it to the Security Company from Shell Petroleum Development
Company(SPDC)and> Chevron Oil Company operating in our locality for the
compensation of youth and community development in our jurisdiction.

Just recently there has been attempts by my fathers kindred members who
feels that they can oppress me because of not only
their greediness but also as a female that I'am. But that God
who has granted me wisdom in my approach with them. Like they
say is good to make hess while the sun shines I agreed with my
Family (My Mother and my Youger Brother) to Transfer this Sum out of
Securty Company and posibly Invest it abroad too before the knowlegde
those greedy Fellows.

It is against this background that I'm contacting you in confidence
you will assist me in tranfering this Money out of the Security Company
and posibly advice me on how best to invest it in your country. I'm
confident that you are going to assist me so that no one will take over
what rightly belonds to my father and
our family too, as they are planig to do so. Besides, I still leave
some portion of blame to Our Culture that do not also have respect for

Now,i urgently need your humble assistance to transfer this money into
your releable custody thats Bank Account, That is why I felt happy when
I saw your contact because I strongly believe that by
the grace of God, you will help me invest this money wisely.
I have concluded with my Lawyer to pay you 20% of the total amount for
your sincere assistance and maybe after the investment 10%interest of
Annual Income for handling this business for us cos we might make one
the Stake Holders.

Please If your going to be sincere in handling this project and again
help me in lifting this fund out of the Security company, kindly get
bact to me as soon as posible so that I could link you to my Lawyer for
the necessary Legal Documentations to that covers the money and further
discussions. Please, note that this transaction is 100% risk free and I
hope to commence the transaction as quick as

Please don't forget that as soon as the transfer is Completed I will
Send my Lawyer or Travel down myself for Investment. At this junction I
will need this things for easy Communication. Requirement.


Please reply only to my private email adress

Thanks for your understanding and anticipated

Yours Sincerly,

Princess Funmilayo Badmos
Bueno si no saben lo que dice les dire una breve descripcion, segun el mensage que resivi me pide que le ayude a guardar su dinero en mi cuenta bancaria y iva a recibir el 20% de su riquesa ya que los empresarios con los que su padre trabajaba le querian quitar la fortuna ,segun entiendo yo.Y que me contactara con su abogado, que raro luego luego suena a extorcion no?
Bueno entonces habia resibido otro mensage mucho antes de ese  pero no me daba cuenta lo vi y decia de una tal lotteria de microsoft en holanda, ya que yo nunca habia escuchado de es tal loteria y no le hice caso ya que nuevamente me pedia mi numero de mi cuenta bancaria y pues de menso se lo doy ya que yo nunca e escuchado de una tal lotteria de microsoft, el premio era de 1,000,000 de dollares y segun nos habian ele gido a mi y a otro por un sorteo que hicieron de asar y el mio resulto ganador.
Bueno conosco otro mail de 30 Gb's de memoria, rebasando por mucho el gmail. si alguno quiere una invitacion de gmail o de 30gigs avisenme.
Saludos y adios

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